While working to produce a live, daily talk show, I relied on Lin to pitch timely, engaging story ideas … her creativity, resourcefulness, and determination to see a story through added to the quality and newsworthiness of our program.

Lin has worked as both engineer and director of our live broadcasts on numerous occasions. She records and edits pre-productions elements (billboards, promos, etc.,) and does whatever is required to make each day’s program successful… She also recently branched out, and has done on-air work (live and recorded) as well as news stories reporting and production.

Lin provided a series of radio interviews for our news website, The Chronicle of Social Change, called “Profiles in Foster Courage.” Lin has a unique capacity to elicit the deeply personal from her subjects, and make every interview seem more like a fireside chat than a story produced for radio. She is one of the best interviewers I have come across.

With Appreciation, Davis Media Access recognizes Lin Weaver for excellence in producing and hosting.

Lin Weaver has proven to be an able and reliable member of our team. She produces well-written, well-structured articles, and in accordance with CPStyle specifications. She has consistently met deadlines, and faithfully respected editorial guidelines. Her stories flow well, engaging the reading right from the start. Lin has demonstrated an innate ability at conducting interviews. Her engaging interpersonal skills have also contributed to her talent to earn the trust of her interviewees.

Dear Lin, I just want to congratulate you on successfully making the leap to virtual productions with 'Talking Point.” With social distancing likely to be in effect to a large degree for some time to come, this is an important skill set moving forward. Glad to have the local content, and also--I'm proud of you!